Learning and Better Life Clinic (LBC)

What is it about?

 No child should be denied the equality in education and the opportunities it provides, because of factors far beyond their control. Our constitution ensures equality in all areas to all law abiding citizens, education being the most important of all. There are students who face problems in learning and they are not equally accepted most of the time. They are mistreated in the classrooms and their problems are left unsolved. It is clear that just as there are ramps built at strategic locations for the benefit of the physically handicapped, invisible ramps of support should be provided for the learning disabled to overcome their invisible handicap.

Studies show that every classroom is likely to have two or three children with learning disabilities. Moreover, many of these special children are likely to have more than one learning disability (LD). The most common learning disabilities in classrooms are dyslexia (the inability to read or interpret lessons and symbols), autism (a neurological disorder in which the child has poor social skills) and attention-deficit hyperactive disorder. CIGI is here to provide support and help to the students in need. Our Learning Clinic established in 2015 is designed exclusively for children with learning disabilities.

Significance of the Project:

 In India, the LD movement is nascent with schools and education boards having made concessions for LD students less than a decade back. Popular Indian schools, even those in well developed cities such as Mumbai, still lack adequate special teachers to handle such children in classrooms. Experts working in the field also complain that the idea of inclusion - including children with LD in classrooms with other children who don't have LD - isn't being implemented in its true spirit. LD children still lose out, especially when they enter the critical Grade IX. According to directives to promote all children to the next class till Grade VIII, most children with LD manage to reach higher classes. But many of them are asked to leave the school in Grade IX due to poor scholastic performance. Thus clinical support for children with LD has become a necessity. But the clinics proving LD care are very few to count. CIGI makes sure no student is left unnoticed or unguided as we are here with solutions to all such problems helping you to identify and solve the disabilities as well as  provide with proper guidance.

How do we do that?

The following are the services provided in the CIGI Learning Clinic:

  • Screening & Counselling for poor performers
  • Clinical Childhood assessments
  • IQ and LD Assessments
  • Regular remedial coaching /Training
  • Parent education courses
  • Awareness and Training for school resource
  • Course for teachers in management of LD



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