The following are the service provided at our Head Quarters on all working days

Free career guidance and counseling:

Free face to face career guidance and counseling by trained and experienced counselors is being provided to the needy on daily basis at HQ. Also telephonic as well as online career guidance are also being provided.

Aptitude tests

CIGI pioneers in introducing aptitude tests in Kerala, has developed Aptitude tests named C DAT, which is first of its kind standardized to Kerala norm. Students of 8th to12th standards can enjoy the benefit of these tests. (Click here to register)

Registration assistance for admission

We are providing option registration assistance for various professional courses including Medical and Engineering

Coaching for competitive examination

CIGI is also functioning as competency coaching centre for various entry tests of PSC,UPSC, SSC, RRB, UGC,. Hundred of candidates have been place successfully after finishing CIGI Coaching

Entrance test centre

CIGI is a test centre for admission tests for UG and PG Course of JamiaHamdard, New Delhi

Students fine tuning workshop

Out of academic knowledge, a student needs to be trained in various aspects to fine tune their life skills like self esteem, interpersonal relationships, coping with stress and emotions etc. Since its inception CIGI is providing these life skill trainings through regular programmes and vacation camps.

Psychological counseling

Psychological counselling services are provided in CIGI by expert clinical psychologists.

Psychometric lab

We have well set up psychometric lab containing IQ tests, Personality assessments Tests, Career Interest Inventory, Aptitude tests

Consultation for developmental activities

We are also providing expert consultation for developmental activities of grassroots voluntary organizations, service improvement of orphanages and for performance excellence of educational institutions etc